Autumn 2019 - Day Classes

These classes are suitable for all levels. Please let me know if you are a beginner and you will be helped accordingly.

Please note small price increase

All day workshops are £55 plus the cost of plant material and flowers.
Morning classes are £19 plus the cost of plant material and flowers

Tea and Coffee provided throughout the day, with homemade cake in the afternoon.

NB - At least a week's notice is required if you wish to cancel a class and you will be charged for your flowers and material. This is due to my having to order flowers a week in advance as there is no wholesale flower distributor nearby and they have to be delivered. The present climate has made flowers very expensive and you should expect your bucket to be in the region of £12 - £15.

All Day Workshops - 10.30 am - 3.00 pm
Please bring your own lunch and work bag


Morning Classes - 10.00 am - 12.30 pm

Coffee and homemade cake provided

Ikebana Programme Autumn 2019


Wednesday, 11th September – AM only
Hana Isho – basic and advanced.

Wednesday, 18th September –AM only
Japanese baskets

Thursday, 26th September – AM only
Slanting Moribana and upright Moribana.

Friday, 27th September – AM only
Heika with fixings


Friday, 4th October – AM only
Early Autumn Rimpa

Wednesday, 9th October –AM
Hana Mai and Hana Kanade

Thursday, 17th October -  AM
Autumn landscape


Friday, 1st November – AM only
A morning with Chrysanthemums

Thursday, 21st November – AM only
Moribana to Landscape

Friday, 22nd November - AM only
Traditional Moribana – theory and practical

Wednesday, 27th November – AM only
Miniature Ikebana


Thursday, 5th December – AM only
Bunjin – theory and practical

Friday, 6th December – AM only
Freestyle ready for Christmas

Wednesday, 11th December – End of Term
More Christmas designs

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